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Angela CentenoAngela CentenoAngela Centeno
Angela Centeno

Angela Centeno

Cult Figure

My Life in one line: It keeps me on my toes.
Hometown: Bayamón, Puerto Rico
A Goal that Stokes Me: Having my very own house paid off.  

Favorite Accomplishment: Adapting quickly to a completely different culture from the one I grew up in.  

Causes I Care About: I particularly care about our children and youth.  

Words I Live By: Time won’t stop for anyone; and life goes on.

Craig HalversonCraig HalversonCraig Halverson
Craig Halverson

Craig Halverson

Cult Figure

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
A Goal that Stokes Me: Boston Marathon and maybe my own running store in the future. It motivates me to go out and run and train. I also like motivating others.  

Favorite Accomplishment: My running achievements. I enjoy winning races.  

Causes I Care About: Humane Society  

Why Pop Cult? Because I was born in 1980 so I feel like I grew up in that era.

Words I Live By: Time won’t stop for anyone; and life goes on.

Jessica AvalosJessica AvalosJessica Avalos
Jessica Avalos

Jessica Avalos

Cult Figure

My Motto: Be kind, and try to inspire people through what you love.

Reason why I Instagram: I've always had a passion for gaming, but never had a lot of people around me who shared my interest. I started my gaming account so I could share my love for gaming and geeky things with people who I know would appreciate it. I've met so many amazing people through it!

Future Goal: I just love the idea of being able to continue to meet amazing people. Partnerships are also very exciting as I grow. It helps me broaden my horizons within the world of gaming and social media.

Favorite Accomplishment: I am a business owner for a boutique. It was a leap of faith when we opened it, and It has been a very rewarding experience.

Causes I care about: My business focuses a lot on sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, fair trade, and companies that give back. I love to be able to provide quality products with a powerful meaning to my customers. Also, this may not be a cause 'per se', but I feel strongly about always trying to lift people up, and support ones around me who may be suffering, or just need support.

Why Pop Cult?: I love the creative and inspiring feel Pop Cult conveys. I love to express myself through fashion, and when I can combine my love for fashion, and my passion for gaming, and other pop culture interests into one, that's super fun!

Garin GardinerGarin GardinerGarin Gardiner
Garin Gardiner

Garin Gardiner

Cult Figure

Hometown: Portland Oregon

Reason Why I Instagram: Best way to showoff what we do...and its fun

Favorite Accomplishment: Started a small business making bespoke gaming controller holders

Why Pop Cult?: We love gaming and they have awesome clothing

Causes We Care About: Making gaming spaces look great.

Anna OchoaAnna OchoaAnna Ochoa
Anna Ochoa

Anna Ochoa

Cult Figure

Hometown: Mexico

My Motto: Everyone can cosplay

Reason Why I Instagram: I wanted to create a platform that can be a safe space for creative people of the community. Spread the word that everyone is perfect in their own way.

Future Goal: To travel a lot to events and grow this community

Favorite Accomplishment: Being a source of inspiration for plus size cosplayers out there.

Causes I Care About: Body positivity, self love, mental health awareness

Why Pop Cult?: It is a very cool brand that represents the things that we love about the community.

Phil NeisPhil NeisPhil Neis
Phil Neis

Phil Neis

Cult Figure

My Life in one line: Family, Bikes, Service

Hometown: Albuquerque

A Goal that Stokes Me: Always improving, and looking for the next win!!

Favorite Accomplishment: creating a successful cycling team.

Causes I Care About: Lymphoma research, care, and treatments.

Words I Live By: If you're not first you’re last!



Cult Figure

My Motto: “Gaming is the Thrill of the Hunt.”
Hometown: Brookings, SD  

Reason Why I Instagram: I wanted to share my passion of video games and meet new people that love doing the same thing I do.  

Future Goal: Continue to expand both my collection and my gaming community.  

Favorite Accomplishment: Bringing the Retro Gaming community together.

Causes I Care About: LGTBQ community, Animal welfare, & civil rights.

Why Pop Cult?: I love the different styles/designs they have to attract more then one type of audience in the community.



Cult Figure

My Motto: “Even when the world is unkind, always choose to be.”
Hometown: Arizona  

Reason Why I Instagram: Because I am passionate about content creation and like to share my love of it with the world.  

Future Goal: To pursue gaming full-time, I think that would be an absolute dream come true.  

Favorite Accomplishment: The moment when I decided to never let fear hold me back again in life.

Causes I Care About: Some causes I care very much about are: alcohol and drug recovery, animal rehabilitation, and providing clean drinking water to those in need.

Why Pop Cult?: Pop Cult carries all the classics that remind me of the good old days, plus, their site is immensely nostalgic and I absolutely love that!



Cult Figure

Hometown: Philadelphia

My Motto: The youngest boomer.

Reason Why I Instagram: Having fun making things and helping others to be productive and enthused.

Future Goal: Create a trans-media theme park.

Favorite Accomplishment: My children (something of a WIP)

Causes I Care About: Solidifying cosplay as a shared and inclusive cultural institution, preserving free speech in all its forms, and encouraging thoughtful conversations and curiosity.

Why Pop Cult?: Pop Cult is a solid little company just doing some humble work, helping people to express their love for the various media they are so engaged with.



Cult Figure

Hometown: Joplin, MO

My Motto: Keep your hopes up high and your head down low.

Future Goal: Become an accomplished content creator within the games industry.

Favorite Accomplishment: Marrying my wife.

Causes I Care About: "Be excellent, to each other"

Why Pop Cult?: There are so many things that resonate with me that I know resonate with other people, and being able to talk and show off something that you are passionate about is always something that is special. Pop Cult has a lot of things to get people hyped, and I want to be a part of it!



Cult Figure

Hometown: Chicago, IL

My Motto: Your vibe attracts your Tribe

Reason Why I Instagram: I always loved games and photography. What better way to show that.

Future Goal: My future goals are to start a Youtube channel and start streaming on Twitch more regularly.

Favorite Accomplishment: Some of my favorite accomplishments are taking the time to seek help and truly understanding my mental health better. Doing this allowed me to love myself a bit more and develop a more positive outlook.

Causes I Care About: Black Lives Matter, World Wildlife Fund, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, LGBTQ+.

Why Pop Cult?: The real question is why not. The brand has so much to offer to any gamer's wardrobe. With a huge selection in different gaming merch.



Cult Figure

Hometown: Illinois

My Motto: Good Vibes Only.

Reason Why I Instagram: I chose Instagram to share my love for video games, connect with fellow gamers, and meet streamers who have similar interests to mine.

Future Goal: Grow my team to be able to compete in Esports competitions and to one day hit Twitch partner!

Favorite Accomplishment: My favorite accomplishment so far would be creating a community that enables streamers to grow at a faster rate in a healthy, supportive environment as well as finally taking the plunge and creating my own gaming team. (TeamxMassacre)

Causes I Care About: I am a HUGE Mental Health Advocate, the Rainforest Alliance, and body positivity.

Why Pop Cult?: Pop Cult is a dope company that CARES for their customers by providing them with outstanding quality clothing at affordable prices.

Mizzle's World ToysMizzle's World ToysMizzle's World Toys
Mizzle's World Toys

Mizzle's World Toys

Cult Figure

Hometown: Brooklyn NY

My Motto: What's up Mizzle fam?

Reason Why I Instagram: I love to chat with people about things I love. Sharing pictures is just a plus at this point.

Future Goal: 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Favorite Accomplishment: Not sure because I am never satisfied. Always room for improvement.

Causes I Care About: Breast Cancer Awareness, Mental Health Awareness

Why Pop Cult?: Pop Cult has all of the dope gear and accessories to match my style and interests.



Cult Figure

Hometown: Painesville

My Motto: Laughter is the best medicine.

Reason Why I Instagram: I have a passion for photography and entertainment. I've had a gaming console in my hands since I was a child... having a place I can combine those things into one incredible journey in is so rewarding!

Future Goal: I'd like to continue to build my community on all platforms and one day I'd love a fenced in yard for my doggo.

Favorite Accomplishment: Hmmm... my favorite accomplishment has to be making it out of some of the darkest times in my life and still being able to wake up wanting to make the world smile and laugh. Also I finally have a job I love.

Causes I Care About: Wildlife preservation, Mental Health awareness, Clean Oceans.

Why Pop Cult?: This company has some of the coolest niche brands and styles in the industry!! Old games that bring warm nostalgia and new games I can't keep my hands off of. Not to mention the kick butt band merch!!



Cult Figure

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

My Motto: Hands on the wheel, soul on the track.

Reason Why I Instagram: Because I love the gamer community here.

Future Goal: Be a full-time streamer.

Favorite Accomplishment: When I raced race cars, to be my category champion in 2008.

Why Pop Cult?: I love clothes and everything Pop Cult has, I feel very identified because it's what I grew up with; rock music, NASA and video games.



Cult Figure

Hometown: LA

Causes I Care About: ST. JUDE and spcaLA

Reason Why I Instagram: “When I started my Instagram I didn’t think It will become what it is today. I didn’t think there would be people out there who had the same love for hello kitty as me. But I was wrong. I’ve meet and made so many friends of all races, genders and ages. Love how I was able to contact with people around the world.”

Why Pop Cult?: Because Pop Cult is opening doors to endless possibilities.



Cult Figure

Hometown: Schenectady ny

Future Goal: To own my own clothing line

Reason Why I Instagram: To express myself through clothing and be part of a community who has the same interests as me! ☺️

Why Pop Cult?: Their clothes are unique and make me feel like I can express myself they make me feel like I’m part of a little family.


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